Opening of registrations for 2024-2025

School project 2021-2025

Axis 1: Enable The Success And Development Of Each Student


  • Harmonize practices for student monitoring.
  • Promote everyone’s investment.



  • Strengthen the coherence and continuity of learning through the harmonization of workbooks, programs, assessments, homework assignments and tools.
  • Offer personalized and individualized help to each student: starting from observation of students, analysis of their difficulties, organizing regular interviews with parents, establishing a precise profile for each student, offering additional educational activities, possible accommodation scheduling and putting you in touch with specialists.

Axis 2: Develop An Ambitious Cultural Policy


  • Develop a citizen route and a cultural route with an emphasis on sustainable development.
  • Strengthen knowledge of the host country.



  • Develop media and information education for cycle 3 students: projects with the BCD on the media and fake news, participation in Press Week and the CLEMI (Center for Media Education) competition and information) in order to train active, enlightened and responsible cyber citizens.
  • Integrate the teaching of the history and geography of the host country, Cameroon, into school programs:
    • History: create a comparative timeline between the history on the program and the history of Cameroon, study local tales and discover Cameroonian culture (traditions, customs, rituals).
    • Geography: create comparative sheets between countries, study the landscapes and the local economy.
  • Develop actions with the city's cultural institutions (French Institute, Goethe Institut).
  • Educate about the environment and sustainable development: definition, awareness of environmental protection, selective sorting, collecting plastics, making compost and listing what is being done in the country.

Axis 3: Increase The Attractiveness Of The School And Work In Synergy With Parents


  • Work on the image of the school with parents of registered students and parents of future students
  • Develop active partnerships



  • Create a welcome booklet for new families to better facilitate their integration: important information about the school (timetable, methods, frequency of work at home, keeping notebooks, etc.) but also a mini-guide to Yaoundé with practical information.
  • Create and maintain a monthly information sheet for parents and students: give visibility to the school, provide regular information on school events, promote the work of teachers and students.
  • Partnerships with the city's cultural institutions.
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