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English at school

A Strengthened Approach for International Communication

Le Flamboyant has chosen to offer reinforced English teaching to its students for six hours per week so that primary classes have a weekly schedule of 26 hours instead of 24 hours.

This choice reflects:

  • our desire to prioritize language learning from an early age
  • the fact that our host country, Cameroon, is a French-English bilingual country
  • English is the international language of communication

A fun approach to English is implemented from the Small and Medium Section of nursery school for 40 minutes per week then, in the Large Section, the amount of English time is 1h30 per week. From CP to CM2, teaching in non-linguistic subjects (DNL) is integrated into the timetable. Per week, primary school children therefore have three hours of English language learning and three hours of English language lessons (plastic arts, sport or geometry).

The CM1 and CM2 class numbers are separated into level groups, allowing each student to progress at their own pace in learning the language. The class teachers are supported by an English teacher as well as an English coordinator.

According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the school aims for a level A1 at the end of CM1 and A2 at the end of CM2. An administration protocol for the A1 and A2 tests is put in place for CM1 and CM2 classes.

Learn more about the CEFR here . here.

Welcoming Allophone Students

The school strives to welcome allophone students (who speak a language other than French) at whatever level in order to enable them to quickly acquire the basics of French as the language of schooling. French is learned during complementary educational activities (APC) hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but also through a reduction in the number of hours in English or even service adjustments.

A non-French-speaking student is not considered a student in difficulty; the abilities and achievements are equivalent to those of his other classmates. He only needs to quickly master the French language in order to enable him to succeed in school, continue his training and build his future.

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