Opening of registrations for 2024-2025

School Events

Le Flamboyant offers its students a diversity of cultural events, whether on its premises or outside.

The festival committee organizes festive events throughout the year on the school premises:

  • Halloween
  • The visit of Saint Nicholas and the Bogeyman
  • A Christmas show with the presence of Father Christmas
  • A Christmas market
  • The king cake for Epiphany
  • Carnival for Mardi Gras
  • An egg hunt for Easter
  • A garage sale
  • La kermesse et le spectacle de fin d’année


NB: Le Flamboyant is a secular establishment and all these events are in no way considered religious festivals but are organized for their traditional and festive character.

The school also offers its students shows in the city's cultural institutions, particularly at the French Institute of Cameroon with which the school has a partnership. Students regularly attend theater, music, magic, clown and circus performances, as well as cinema screenings

Le Flamboyant also organizes cinema screenings once a month on Fridays on its premises.

NB: these activities are also open to children not enrolled at Le Flamboyant.

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Online Registrations

Start your children's educational journey at Le Flamboyant School. The online registration form for new students for the academic year 2024-2025 has been open since Thursday, February 1, 2024.

By using the following link:

You enter your identifier (your email address)

You create your password

Then you click on "create a family account" (Créer un compte famille)

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