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General Presentation


On the initiative of the Canadian community, Le Flamboyant International School was created in 1986 by the Association of parents of the expatriate community in Yaoundé (Association des Parents d'Élèves des Communautés Étrangères de Yaoundé, APCEY). The main objective was to provide preschool and elementary education to the children of the international community in Yaoundé. During the years 1987-1989 the school welcomed about sixty children per year from over ten countries.

In 1999, the school obtained the approval of the Agency for French education overseas (Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger, AEFE) and became a "partner establishment for French education abroad" which follows the official French education system. Today, 150 pupils attend Le Flamboyant, from the Very Small Class (‘Toute Petite Section’, TPS, at 2 years old) to the Middle Class 2 (‘Classe Moyen 2’, CM2, at 10 years old), at the end of elementary school. 

The school is located in Bastos, Yaoundé, the administrative capital of Cameroon - where most embassies and international organisations are located, and where many expatriates reside.

A multicultural school and close community

The maximum number of pupils per class is 17. The small class sizes allow our teaching staff to devote a lot of time to each of our pupils to meet their individual needs.

Today, the school welcomes pupils of more than 25 different nationalities, with many of them bilingual or trilingual children. The international character of the school is also reflected in our teaching and administrative staff. This cultural diversity has enabled us to develop a distinct educational system which enhances the work of our pupils and gives them confidence. This multiculturalism also enriches children’s experiences, giving an insight into a wealth of differing opinions, beliefs and cultures which will shape their perception of the world.

For some children attending our school, the French language is new. Therefore, we provide support for those pupils to ensure that they succeed in accessing the curriculum. We also have an established English language curriculum, which allows our pupils to strive to reach at least level A2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) by the end of elementary school (CM2).

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Towards a green school

We recognize the importance of teaching pupils’ ecology and sustainability to ensure a greener future. Le Flamboyant's pupils are, therefore, made aware from an early age of the need to respect and protect the environment through ecological activities such as recycling, waste reduction, the creation of a vegetable garden and compost, and the use of recyclable materials for artistic projects.

Since May 2021, Le Flamboyant has also been able to install 16 photovoltaic panels on its roof, to power batteries. Thanks to these solar panels, Le Flamboyant now produces most of the electricity needed for its lighting, computers, and projectors. Also, the school is now secure from power cuts, meaning that the school's teaching and security (exterior lighting, video surveillance) are assured without interruption while reducing our carbon dioxide emissions.

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