Opening of registrations for 2024-2025

School Journal

Nowadays, education has become a key element to best prepare our children to face the world of...

School is a central institution in our society. It occupies a preponderant place in the transmission of knowledge, construction...

Elementary school, often called primary school, is a crucial and fundamental time in a child's life. In fact, it is...

Bullying at school is a serious problem that affects many children and adolescents. Fortunately, there are solutions...

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Online Registrations

Start your children's educational journey at Le Flamboyant School. The online registration form for new students for the academic year 2024-2025 has been open since Thursday, February 1, 2024.

By using the following link:

You enter your identifier (your email address)

You create your password

Then you click on "create a family account" (Créer un compte famille)

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